Are you ready to move away from the authoritarian model of parenting and towards a more connected, conscious and loving approach?


Are you feeling stuck with reoccurring challenging behaviours like:

Connection (3)

You know you’re on the right track yet something is not quite right…


During your 1:1 program we will pinpoint the underlying issues and we will create a practical ‘tool box’ for you to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.

This program includes a pre-consultation questionnaire so that we can dive straight in where it’s needed and use your time most effectively, as well as follow up resources such as stories, meditations and processes from the Lightfilled Parenting resource library.

As you know, I love to look at what’s going on for us as mothers as well as for our children. Lightfilled Parenting is about embracing our light and dark parts, to grow, to heal and be the best versions of ourselves that we can. I believe that it’s through our inner work that our parenting can really transform.

Each 1:1 program is unique. Depending on what you need we may delve into ‘light’ work (resourcing yourself, raising your vibration, getting present) ‘shadow’ work (inner child healing and integration), breaking unconscious patterns, parenting techniques and practical strategies.

Mutter und Sohn im Herbst

This is a program with a difference!

As a busy mother, do you find it hard to commit to set appointment times?

Or feel like you’ll need more support and have more questions to ask after the consult?

Your 1:1 program will take place via Facebook Messenger through voice and text messages over a period of 7 days so that we can connect when it suits you and you can continue to get personalised and deep support with whatever comes up over a longer timeframe than just a normal 1 hour session.

How does it work?

Firstly, upon payment you’ll automatically receive your pre-consultation questionnaire via email.

Once I receive this back from you I will respond to the main challenges you’ve outlined via Facebook Messenger and we’ll begin our 7 days of personalised and deep support via unlimited daily voice and text messages as well as resources for you from the Lightfilled Parenting library. There is no limit to the amount of questions you can ask.

With Facebook Messenger there’s no need to book a set time slot, you can contact me whenever it works for your schedule and your family.

Unlimited support with Belinda as your personal Parenting Mentor in your pocket for 7 days: