We begin the week with ‘trickster’ energy in the air. The trickster sees through illusions and seriousness and lives playfully in the light with imagination and invention. Think of the monkey energy. Don’t take life too seriously, your children will see past the work you “have to do”: dishes, washing or whatever it may be, and cajole you to play and delight in the world instead. That’s what life is really about after all! I’m reminded of Elizabeth Gilbert’s quote from her book Big Magic “better a trickster than a martyr be.”

With this “trickster” energy in the air, it is a good idea to shield yourselves in a protective light against any negative energies which may be draining you or your little ones. (We will talk more about this in the eCourse “Raising Lightfilled Children“)
We are building up to the full moon in Cancer this Thursday. This is a time of heightened energy and your children may feel unearthed or ‘wired’. They may be restless and find it difficult to sleep in the days surrounding the full moon. Take time to let your children wind down properly before bed. Add some magnesium to their bath to support their nervous system and include grounding foods at this time.
Cancer is a water sign and the sign of emotions and intuition. So this full moon is a wonderful opportunity for your child to reconnect with their inner guiding star. You can do this simply by sitting out under the night time sky. Have you ever noticed you can’t help but marvel at the magic and connection of the Universe when you’re looking up at the stars? We realise that anything is possible.
This theme carries us through to the end of the week as opportunities arise to show our children that they are only as “small” as they think they are. Anything is possible, unless they’ve already convinced themselves otherwise. So take this this opportunity to question their beliefs if they “can’t” do something, challenge them, ignite their inner fire and belief in themselves.

Amber is the crystal that came through for your children today. This is a stone of many benefits. You might like to place a piece beside your child’s bed, in their pocket or they can of course wear it as jewellery. Legend says that Amber is formed by the rays of the setting sun, it will assist your child to stand in their power and establish healthy boundaries.

✨beautiful blessings on your week✨


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