We begin the week with our children being very sensitive to the environment around them. Be really aware of what is going on that may be influencing their behaviour and emotions without you realising.

What music do you have playing? Is it uplifting or depressing? Perhaps some quiet and space to hear their thoughts is needed. Is the tv/ radio on all the time as background noise? This can really affect our sensitive little ones, draining their energy and resulting out n tears or aggression. Try to be mindful of what you turn on and remember to switch off when you’re done.
There are likely to be more emotions running hot. Our children really need our presence at this time to help process their big emotions (we will look deeper at how to do this in the Raising Lightfilled Children e-Course, beginning January 28).
Plan a couple of quiet, gentle rest days where you can more readily drop what you’re doing when you’re children need you emotionally. This is much harder to do if you have a packed schedule and hectic to-do list if you see what I mean. Sibling rivalry is coming through as a big issue this week and all of the things I have mentioned will help with this as well as making time to be with each child individually (even if only for 15 minutes) to fill up their cup and help them feel connected.
Toward Thursday/ Friday our children will have hopefully processed their emotions and moved through this time of heightened emotional sensitivity to be feeling more ‘light’ and joyful. Now is a good time to plan outings and get them really active during the days especially out in nature e.g. Exploring your local area, beaches, rock pools, waterfalls, bush walks.
Over the weekend plan to include some sensory delights for your child. Children learn to be in their physical body through their five senses and this is a good time to indulge in perhaps baking a chocolate cake together, making art together, planting beautiful smelling flowers in your garden or making music.
Beautiful blessings on your week ✨
Belinda 💛

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