Weekly Forecast Monday 30 January 2017


We begin the week still under the influence of the New Moon energy. With both the sun and the moon currently in visionary Aquarius anything is possible! Look for ways to remind your children of their inner power and that life is limitless.

Can you catch yourself when you automatically say NO to one of your child’s requests? Does it actually have to be a NO? Or are you perhaps conditioned to give that response? Is there a way to make it a possibility?

Orange Calcite is the crystal that came through for your children this week and the theme it brings is emotional balance. This theme came up for ALOT of mums last week – were you one of them? 

Tuesday/ Wednesday 

Emotions are of the Water element so as the moon moves into Pisces on Tuesday, things will definitely flow more smoothly if you involve water! Try visiting the beach, lake, even a bath or watercolour painting will help. Keep these days as gentle as you can, try not to plan too much, giving your child plenty of time for peace & quiet.

Thursday/ Friday 

The pendulum swings the other way as energy and momentum build, children will be keen to be very active. If you find your child “swings too far” and is “fiery” or “out of control” some nature play will be the antidote to bring them back to balance.


The weekend is a time to bask in the restored emotional balance and indulge in earthly delights through the five senses. Perhaps a picnic, enjoying some yummy food with friends, fresh air and wild flowers.

✨Blessings for a beautiful week✨

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