We begin the week  with perfect timing to get your little one’s space organised and clear. Get them involved and make it light and fun by singing or making a game of it. It’s a great opportunity to rejuvenate the space afterwards with perhaps a new indoor plant, accessories or bedding. As you clean you can call on Arch Angel Michael to clear away any stagnant or negative energy through your sweeping/ mopping/ wiping etc.

Tuesday/ Wednesday

We are called to look at where our children have been out of balance and to restore this balance. Have they had a lot of screen time lately? Balance it out with some nature time. Have they been spending a lot of time alone? Balance it out by inviting a friend to play. Have they been eating a lot of junk food? Balance it out with some healthy smoothies/ fruit/ veggies/ lots of water. Provided that balance has been restored in which ever area it was needed, this is a great time to schedule in some social time, get togethers etc

Thursday/ Friday

This is a sensitive emotional window. Our children are deeply concerned with the truth at this time. They will see through lies and feel deeply hurt by them. If big feelings and tears bubble up (which is highly likely) let the tears flow by holding a safe emotional space for your child rather than distracting them or shaming them them into squashing the feelings down. After all, we are all striving to live more connected to and in our heart space, aren’t we? Our children do this naturally and wouldn’t it be amazing if they took this into adulthood with them? Imagine what a generation of conscious, heart centred children can do in the world when they grow up!


By the weekend, there will be an air of optimism. Children will be eager to be on the move, outdoors and off on some kind of adventure. It’s the perfect time to plan a hike or explore a part of your local area that you haven’t ventured to before.

Overriding Influences 

Keep in mind that the moon is waning this week so energy is decreasing. Incorporate gentle physical activities rather than more vigorous ones. Factor in a bit more quiet time and know that sensitivities will increase along with your little one’s need for time alone.

Citrine is the crystal that came through for your children this week. Interesting that this is another crystal which  empowers and increases self confidence (amber last week). You can aid with this by remembering to focus on what your child does really well this week and complimenting them on these qualities (not just looks).  Make a point of telling them something each night as you tuck them into bed. Eg “I really admired your determination with that puzzle today.”

✨ blessings for a beautiful week✨

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