Weekly Forecast Monday 6 February 2017 ~ grounding, emotional balance (this seems to be becoming a theme!) and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 
Monday/ Tuesday
We begin the week with the moon waxing in the Air sign of Gemini, meaning that your children are likely to be distracted easily and restless. If you notice your child is “fidgety” or unable to focus, make an effort to help them feel grounded. Especially as the moon approaches it’s fullness on Saturday, there is a tendency for children to feel “unearthed” or “wired” so make time for “earthing.” “Earthing” is where we plug back in to our power source – Earth 🌏. The more contact with the Earth the better! Try lying on the grass to watch the clouds, making mud pies, gardening or chasing barefoot on the grass.
Wednesday/ Thursday 
On Wednesday the Moon moves into Cancer and you will likely find your children are extra sensitive as the need for emotional security is heightened. You may see an increase in behaviours like whining/ clinging/ moodiness. Try reframing “attention seeking” with “connection seeking” and see if this helps you to connect with your little one even when their behaviour is not so desirable! Take some time to do something nurturing for YOU prior to Wednesday so you’re not giving from any empty well. Cancer is the sign of self care after all. So of course, nurture your children with your time, nourishing food and restful sleep but you can also nurture them with the gift of a rejuvenated and replenished mama bear.
Each week I have to smile as the perfect crystal comes through time after time! This week is Unakite and the theme it brings up is balanced emotions. This is highly pertinent in the week leading up to the Full Moon and particularly relates to the aspects of Cancer that we just discussed like nourishment and self care to bring emotional balance. 
Friday/ Saturday

On Friday the Moon moves into Leo, where it will stay for the lunar eclipse on Saturday. During a lunar eclipse, the Sun is opposite the Moon. This tends to bring out the polarities in your relationships and you may find your children perceiving these polarities negatively as differences and injustices. Use the Leo energy to work through these issues with your Lion-heart ❤️. Again, help your child to remain grounded under this full moon energy and they will more quickly find their centre and sense of inner peace once more.

✨Blessings for a beautiful week✨

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