Energy forecast for week beginning Monday 13th Feb

The idea of ‘sacred sleep’ was coming through so strongly today in each aspect that I looked at when putting together the weekly energy forecast for you!

Monday/ Tuesday

We begin the week with Moon in Virgo, the sign of systems and routines. This is the perfect time to look at your child’s bedtime routine and see what’s working, what’s not and how you can change it. (We’ll be having some conversations in our Facebook group, offering support and ideas on this theme this week if you’d like to join in at Lightfilled Parenting  ) Virgo will help you to follow through on a more functional plan of action.

Wednesday/ Thursday

 As the moon moves into Libra we can bring a sense of peace and harmony through restored balance. Has your child had a few too many late nights recently? Grab some good books and get them into bed early tonight.

Has your child been feeling restless, fidgety, having difficulty sitting still? This is normally due to being ungrounded and the mind in overdrive. Get them back into their body with a grounding black sesame oil foot massage at bedtime.

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday

An intensely emotional couple of days as the Moon moves in to Scorpio and the sun moves in to Pisces on Saturday. Both water signs and your children will respond well to water as it allows the emotions to flow through them in a healthy way, rather than stagnating. Try giving a soothing energy clearing bath before bed by adding a clear quartz crystal to the water and picturing in your mind the crystal clear water cleansing their energy as you pour with a cup over their body or cleanse with a washcloth. Did you know you can transform energy with your thoughts, feelings and words? Ever hear of the famous Japanese researcher Dr Emoto? He illustrated this concept through water, demonstrating that human consciousness could change the water’s molecular structure. So if you see your child’s energy as clear, think it, feel it, then it will be.

Moon phase

Energy waning this week after full moon on Saturday 

Crystal energy

The crystal that came through for your children this week is Moonstone. A gentle, calming crystal helping your child connect to the phases of the moon. Try looking out the window or going outside to say goodnight to the moon before bed this week. Moonstone drives away bad dreams and insomnia. Grid your child’s room by placing in the corners of the room, or simply place a stone under the bed, pillow or beside the bed.

✨Blessings for a beautiful week✨

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