design-21Wow so many of you have been in touch this week about the BIG emotional energies last week! It feels like there is a lot going on energetically within this two week window between the Lunar eclipse we had on the Full Moon and the Solar eclipse coming up this weekend and your sensitive, intuitive little souls will be feeling it.

It’s definitely NOT the the week to take on the SuperMum title. Be open to support; asking AND receiving.

We begin the week in last quarter moon so energy is decreasing whilst sensitives and need to go within increases, especially with the Sun in Pisces at the moment.

The crystal that came through for your children this week is Dalmatian Jasper and the theme is on family dynamics.

How can you support and nurture each other through these big energetic phases?

Do you need to prioritise more present time with your family?

How can you strengthen your united bond and sense of ‘team’?


You should feel a’lifting’ of the intense Scorpio/ Pisces energy of the last few days and a sense of freedom emerge. With Moon in Sagittarius, your children will likely want to be outdoors and on the move. Factor this in, but be mindful that you might want to keep it shorter/ gentler rather than too robust and energetic as the moon is waning and this is a time to take things slowly and gently, allowing lots of nurturing for ALL in the family. If you have somewhere for a backyard fire, this would be the perfect gentle/ outdoor/ adventure type experience this evening, star gazing and eating marshmallows!

Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday

A perfect time to look at the practicalities of how all in your family can feel more supported. What might you need to restructure or adjust within your responsibilities and weekly rhythms? Could you delegate some things to other family members, giving them more responsibility and therefore a sense of pride in the home? Perhaps start a dinner time conversation about sharing of household responsibilities.

Friday/ Saturday/ Sunday

Coming in to Dark Moon, the time of the month when we generally feel at our lowest ebb emotionally and energetically. A time for daydreaming, cloud watching, star gazing together to round out another BIG week energetically.

✨Blessings for a beautiful week✨

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