This week Green Aventurine came through for your children which is a stone of good fortune and very much relates to the heart. For my Raising Lightfilled Children students, this is HEART CHAKRA week, so we have been immersing ourselves in this for the last few days. It has been a big two weeks (emotionally speaking) since the lunar eclipse on the Full Moon. The solar eclipse on the New Moon tomorrow symbolises the end of this window. Our intuitive children have been feeling this energy and may be a bit run down with tiredness, colds, and feel extra sensitive. This brings me to our theme this week as we are presented with an opportunity to build up our children’s etheric bodies and focus on opening the heart chakra by living and feeling in the moment.

Monday– New Moon in Pisces. The days surrounding the New Moon are when we are at our lowest, energetically. This is an inward time of visualising and contemplating what we wish to create in the lunar month ahead. Both the Sun and Moon are in watery and dreamy Pisces. What does this mean in terms of building your child’s etheric body up? Try water play: beach, river or a nourishing bath with crystals and oils. And, plan an early night to allow for lots of rest and dreaming time afterwards.

Tuesday/ Wednesday – Moon waxing in Aires, energy still very low.
Try building the etheric body through immersing in nature, green spaces like gardens and rainforests are particularly beneficial for the heart chakra. Aires, being an active fire sign and nature spirit at heart, your children will benefit from gentle activity like bushwalking while the moon is in this sign.

Thursday/ Friday/ Saturday – Moon waxing in Taurus, energy still low.
Try building the etheric body through nourishing the senses and earthly body, bake a yummy treat together and delight your children’s senses of touch, taste and smell.



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