Weekly Energy Map for Kids – Monday 6th March

Monday/ Tuesday/ WednesdayThe Moon is waxing this week from First Quarter, meaning that this should be a week of action. However, it feels like the first three days this week are asking for just a little more slowness and nurturing before we kick it up a gear this month. With the Moon in Cancer and Sun in Pisces, it makes for a period when your children may be keen to stay home, a bit more emotionally sensitive, dreamy and just in need of some general extra mama bear time. 
Cancer also calls us to look at our self care. So take time to make sure your own cup is full too.
Thursday/ Friday

The Moon moves into Leo on Thursday and I feel like the energy will really begin to rise from here until the Full Moon next week. Leo is all about shining your inner light. We’ve been talking a lot about this in my Raising Lightfilled Children course with this week being focused on the Solar Plexus. Leo is a fire sign and is ruled by the Sun so it is really beneficial for your children to get outside and into the sunshine (safely of course) and this will help to keep their Solar Plexus clear too, bringing benefits like increased sense of self worth, courage, energy, radiance, resilience.
Saturday/ Sunday

Over the weekend, the energy will begin to plateau in anticipation of the Full Moon early next week. Take some time over the weekend to get grounded with your children, helping them to remain clear and centred.
Clear Quartz is the crystal that came through for your children this week. This stone brings clarity, as it clears energy and connects to spirit. Try adding one to your child’s bath during week to keep their energy centres clear.


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