I am back after a week of cacooning from social media! We finished the first round of the Raising Lightfilled Children eCourse, so whilst I wasn’t present here I was still very much working away on that. Doors will reopen for the next round at the end of this month, so keep a lookout for that if you’d like to join in.

I’m wondering how the last week was for you? Did you feel a bit of need for solitude too? I felt the energy start shifting on Friday, did you? It feels like a week of focusing on the third eye, being very clear in our relationships with our children and between our children. Seeing the truth of exactly what is going on and being able to move through this awareness in a conscious and connected manner.

Tomorrow (Monday) is the Autumn equinox, a day of balance. And with the Moon in Earthy Capricorn Monday/ Tuesday/ Wednesday, these are perfect days to get in touch with nature. Leave your shoes off, if you can, and collect some treasures from the forest or beach or your very own garden! You might like to start off an Autumn seasonal display on a window ledge or other space in your home.

The Sun moves into Aires on Tuesday, my home territory. Aires energy is active, so although the Moon is waning this week, some gentle movement, especially outside, will help the days flow smoothly this week.

On Thursday/ Friday the Moon moves into visionary Aquarius. Aquarius energy is innovative, you may get inspiration or ideas like a bolt of lightning or out of the blue. Make space for creativity so your children can ground those visions and dreams through artwork.

Over the weekend, the Moon moves into watery Pisces. Make sure your children get lots of sleep as Pisces tends to call us more into the dream world and our imaginations. Again, making space for creativity (drawing, painting etc) as a bridge from the dream realm to this one. This works beautifully first thing in the morning.

This week, the White Tiger came through for your children. The White Tiger energy helps to connect us to Spirit and open the upper chakras. It aids in developing our spiritual senses such as clairvoyance.

This brings me to our crystal for the week – Blue Agate slice. This one also relates to the third eye. You might like to try this fun little experience with your children this week to help open their third eye:

If you have an agate slice with a crystalline hole in the centre, these are believed to give access to other dimensions. In a darkened room try looking through the hole with one eye closed, so the slice is lit up by candlelight. Ask your child what they ‘see’ or what they can imagine. You might then ask them to draw their vision or experience.

My son was a bit reluctant to let this flow until I did it first. And then he was able to draw a beautiful scene of grassy meadows and horses. He loved the idea of the crystal being like a ‘portal’ we could peek through. I’d love to see what your children come up with! Share away in the Lightfilled Parenting Facebook group

For those of your who prefer dot points, here’s a summary for you to apply to your diary or calendar this week:
+ Sun moving into Aires on Tuesday, so some gentle activity and especially outdoor movement or time in nature will help keep the energy flowing for the rest of the week
+ Autumn Equinox on Monday – spend some time in nature gathering Autumnal treasures (coloured leaves, seedpods etc) preferably barefoot.
+ Thursday through to Sunday, make space for daily creativity to act as a bridge for your children from their dreams and visions to the grounded Earthly realm.
+ try the Blue Agate ‘opening third eye’ exercise

Wishing you a magical week,



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