3 easy ways to clear the throat chakra – for your kids!


DesignIf you haven’t tuned in before, my weekly energy map for kids is a forecast based on the Moon, Astrology, Spirit Animal and Crystal guidance. I take all these aspects into consideration to help you map out your week to be most receptive to your child’s energetic state on each day. Apply the points to your weekly flow to bring more ease, clarity and connection to family life this week!

This week the theme of communication came up and the importance of keeping the throat chakra clear and energised. As I was meditating on what I wanted to share this week the word ‘mirror’ kept coming to mind. It feels like this week you may find your children mirroring back parts of yourself which need integration. This may cause you to feel triggered and respond in the heat of the moment. Especially at the beginning of the week, with the Moon and Sun in Aires, there’s a tendency to slip into acting out your inner wounded child rather than your conscious adult self. It feels super important to spend some time clearing the throat energy centre this week so you can respond to these triggers in a loving, kind and true manner. When we (including our children) don’t get to express what we need to it can result in blockages at this energy centre which may manifest as feeling like you have something caught in your throat, sore throat, stuttering and if still not dealt with can back up into other energy centres too.

So. Let’s look at the specifics for this week and how we can approach this topic in a practical and concrete way for kids and adults alike.

1. Clear the throat chakra through creative expression.

The Moon moves into Aires on Monday which encourages creativity. Try drawing, painting, clay, making music or singing!

The Dark Moon is the last day of the lunar month and when our energy is at its lowest ebb. This is a time to go very gently and release anything which is no longer serving. A time to reflect on the month that’s been. For children, we don’t do this through direct conversations, more through allowing space for quiet imaginative play and creativity.


New Moon in Aires. We will feel a bit of an energetic shift into the new lunar month. The energy is still quite low though the focus becomes more on setting new intentions, rather than reflection. Again, with children in the 0-7 stage, we find ways to allow this to flow naturally in concrete ways. I love to encourage this through spending time creatively colouring mandalas or making crystal mandalas/ grids.

2. Clear the throat chakra with chamomile tea

The Moon moves into Taurus and as it slowly waxes you will feel the energy begin to rise. Your children will start becoming more active and more social once more. Taurus is an Earth sign which delights in indulging the sensory system. For the throat chakra, you might like to indulge your child’s tastebuds with some warming herbal tea. Chamomile is perfect for clearing the throat chakra.

3. Clear the throat chakra with a listening ear

Saturday/ Sunday
The Moon moves into Gemini, the sign of communication, so your children will be eager to express themselves. Try to provide opportunity for them to do this and keep their throat clear by listening without distractions. Set aside a time like bath time or bedtime to be a truly present listener to whatever your child wishes to share for at least 15 minutes.

Spirit animal helper this week
Draw on the energy of the Whale whose qualities help us to express ourselves through creativity.

Crystal helper this week
Draw on the energy of Turquoise whose qualities help with clear communication and truth.

✨Magic & Love✨


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