If you haven’t tuned in before, my weekly energy map for kids is a forecast based on the Moon, Astrology, Spirit Animal and Crystal guidance. I take all these aspects into consideration to help you map out your week to be most receptive to your child’s energetic state on each day. Apply the points to your weekly flow to bring more ease, clarity and connection to family life this week! This week, I’m consciously trying to keep it short and simple so it’s super useable for you!

Last week, you might have felt the lunar year kick off with the New Moon in Aires. This week, the energy will pick up a notch as the moon waxes to first quarter. The energy is focused on expansion and action in this phase of the month. I’m wondering how last week was for you? For us there was a a lot of physical and emotional shifting and releasing. This week the hummingbird card came through which represents joy and finding gratitude in all the small things. The hummingbird is of the Air element which correlates to the heart chakra. After all that shifting and releasing we are ready to ground the new realities and welcome joy in the present moment, into our hearts!

Monday/ Tuesday
With the Moon in Cancer you are likely to feel very homely and nurturing, but, to feel joyful about nurturing you need to fill your cup up too. How can you nurture yourself this week?

Wednesday/ Thursday
Considering this is the most active phase of the month, the Sun is in Aires and the Moon in Leo (both active fire signs) it’s likely to be a busy couple of days! Take some time to get grounded with your children to s l o w things down simply by spending some time outside, preferably barefoot. You will be more likely to find the joy around you rather than getting caught up in ‘busyness.’

Friday/ Saturday
The energy is still building and the Moon now moves into Virgo, an air sign. Your children will find joy in something that stimulates their mind, a puzzle or board game perhaps. And they will enjoy it even more if you make time to join in too! The Aires energy throughout much of April lends itself to getting in touch with your inner child so make her a priority this week!

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