You’ve probably heard of “grounding,” right?

Grounding is what we call it when we plug back in to the Earth.

Imagine grounding like recharging your phone. You know the feeling you get after visiting the beach or a national park? The clarity, energy and feeling of connection?

Have you ever considered that your children might need to “plug in” too?

In fact, it’s super important for kids and probably the number one thing I recommend to parents to help with a whole range of issues including sleep, anxiety and sibling tension.

When we become ‘ungrounded’ we kind of vacate our physical body because it doesn’t feel safe anymore. The environment or situation might be overwhelming, chaotic or scary. Your child might take on a glazed look in their eyes almost like ‘the lights are on, but no one’s home!’

Your child might become very loud in an effort to drown out the perceived ‘chaos’ OR they might withdraw into themself and become very quiet.

I asked several parents what they felt were the top contributors to their children becoming ‘ungrounded.’ These were the top five responses:

1. TV/ Screen time

2. Shopping centres/ Crowded places

3. Sugar/ certain foods

4. Too much indoor time

5. Being thrown out of routine

I also asked these parents their favourite ways to help their children ‘return to their body’ or become grounded once more.

These were the most popular ideas:

1. Cloud watching on the grass

2. Beach time/ sand play

3. Foot Massage (I love to use  black sesame oil and you can add grounding essential oils such as patchouli  or this beautiful grounding blend)

4. Colouring in

5. Playing barefoot in the garden

Have you found something to try with your kids next time they need some ‘grounding’? Do you have something to add to the list? Follow the fun on the Lightfilled Children facebook page and let me know your thoughts!

✨Magic and Love ❤



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