If your child is struggling to ‘switch off’, suffering anxiety, overwhelm or behaving chaotically, they are most likely not feeling grounded or anchored in their body.

This is totally normal for kids and is likey to show up often for our little sensitive ones. It might occur at particular times of the day. My eldest comes home from school like this *most* days. It may show up for your kids regularly or sporadically.

There are lots of tools we can use to help.

You can read more about some common causes and tips to help you with grounding here. Today I’m going to share another one of my favourite tools:

a Grounding Elixir for kids

You will need

– a glass jar

– 250ml black sesame oil

– your choice of crystal (my favourite grounding crystal is Smoky Quartz)

– your choice of essential oil (my favourite grounding oil is cedarwood)


What to do

1. Begin by washing your crystal and placing into the glass jar.

(always research to ensure the crystal you plan to use is safe to use in an elixir, some can be toxic)

2. Cover with 250ml Black Sesame Oil.

3. Cover your jar with the lid and place under the moonlight (preferably full moon) OR sunlight (dawn til midday).

4. Hold your intention for the elixir in your mind. For example, “this elixir will bring grounding and balance to my child.” Visualise it, then let it go.

5.  After the appropriate time has elapsed, remove the crystal with a sterilised spoon.

6. Add 10 drops of essential oil. Shake.

Use this to massage on your child’s feet (or yours!) when feeling ungrounded.

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