The visual above, shows you where the chakras are located within the body, the names and the colours they vibrate at.

Want to know more? Here are seven key points about your child’s¬†chakra system…

  1. There are seven main chakras in the body
  2. Each swirling energy centre, or chakra, is like a window to your child’s soul, giving you the keys to unlock greater connection and clarity
  3. Each chakra builds upon the next and they are all interconnected, an holistic system
  4. Each chakra gives different insights about what is going on for your child on an energetic level
  5. Each one vibrates to a different frequency with Base being the densest and Crown being the lightest
  6. When your child’s energy centres become unbalanced, blocked or depleted you’ll notice different signs and symptoms for each one
  7. Each chakra relates to a different phase of life. Young children aged birth to seven are in the Base chakra phase, “I am”. Everything is perceived through this lens and the other chakras begin opening in relation to the Base.



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