I talk a lot about energy here.

Today I wanted to talk about what that actually means!

To get ‘sciencey’ for a minute, energy is explained by the Law of Vibration: everything that exists in our world, whether seen or unseen, when broken down into its purest and most basic form, consists of pure energy or light.

Nothing rests. Everything moves. Everything vibrates. Even things that appear ‘solid’. From your coffee cup, tiny cells, ancient caves and feelings of joy to bird song, golden dandelions, crystals, water and your child’s snuggle toy.

Everything in our Universe is made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies. And this includes you!

Our chakras are what keeps the energy flowing through our bodies, like water wheels. Each one of these vibrates at a certain frequency too. With Base being the lowest and Crown being the highest. When energy is not flowing as it should through our chakras, our vibration becomes slower, denser. We may feel:

  • stagnant
  • heavy
  • sluggish
  • unmotivated
  • anxious
  • depressed

When energy is flowing as it should our vibration becomes faster and lighter. We may feel:

  • clearer
  • connected
  • creative
  • abundant
  • healthier

The Universe is like a sea of energy, connecting everything together.

Like attracts like. So whether your energy is high or low ‘vibe’ the same will be attracted to you like a magnet: people, places, experiences that align and match your energetic state.

When two frequencies are brought together, the lower will always rise to meet the higher. So if you’re wanting to raise your vibration, use a high vibrational tool such as:

  • positive thoughts/ affirmations
  • essential oils
  • colour therapy
  • sound therapy
  • crystal therapy

The higher your vibration, the more light you hold. Hence the name Lightfilled Children…

Our beautiful, sensitive children are filled with high vibrational energy.

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✨ Magic and Love ❤️



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