Do you ever find yourself getting triggered by your children’s behaviour?

Common ones for lots of mums are

:: not listening
:: defiance
:: aggression
:: clingyness

When you feel triggered by your children’s behaviour it normally means that a part of YOU is needing to heal and your child’s behaviour is poking at that subconscious wound.

Quite often the initial wound may have occurred when you were a child, perhaps even the age your child is now.

Ever notice how these triggering behaviours keep coming up OVER and OVER again? Getting more and more persistent?!

They keep reflecting back to you, giving you the opportunity to heal, until you do!

So how do we heal these parts of ourselves and move past the persistent triggering behaviours?

The first step is awareness. And you’re taking that first step today – yay you!

Next time you feel triggered by your children’s behaviour, you might notice that awareness, even if it’s later on. You might recognise that you over reacted and start questioning that. “I wonder why…”

Instead of looking to ‘fix’ your children’s behaviour, we need to look within and heal the original wound.

If you need some help with this part, this is is where my process “Creating calm when triggered by your children” comes in.

9lAfter working through their triggers, other mothers report feeling liberated, uplifted, calmer, clearer and more empowered. They are more resourced and able to hold space for their children to move through their own big emotions.

Would you like to learn how to create calm when triggered by your children?

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