Today we’re going to focus on YOU being present, with yourself and with your kids.


Because your presence, understanding and awareness is so important in connecting to your kids, in responding calmly and compassionately, in helping them feel safe and secure.

A lot of the time, in our modern world, we are not present. We are not here now.

Our minds are racing with mile long to-do lists.

:: we are multi tasking

:: we are checking our phones

:: we are rushing from thing to thing

One of the reasons we do all this is because being present, being here right now in our bodies, can be quite uncomfortable!

We have to actually sit with our feelings and we don’t like that. We’ve become accustomed to avoiding or numbing our feelings with busy-ness.

The thing is, when we are brave enough to sit in that ‘uncomfortableness’ (it’s totally a word!) magic happens in our lives and in our relationships.

We we become more open.

We create more space for ourselves to feel.

We get to process our ‘stuff’ and get clarity on what’s actually going on.

We are more aware,

more understanding,

more grateful,

more focused,

more peaceful,

more grounded,

more joyful

AND more connected to ourselves, others and our higher source too.

The truth is if we can’t be present with ourselves, we can’t be present with our children.

Today I’d like to challenge you to meditate.


Don’t know how?

Don’t have time?

Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered!

Find a quiet space and set a gentle timer on your phone for just five minutes. (Rationally, you can spare 5 minutes, right?)

And you know what? Nurturing yourself means you will be more focused and present and able to get stuff done faster, so you’re actually saving yourself time here!

Once you’ve found your quiet space, bring your attention to your breathing.

Use the mantra “So…. hum”

As you breathe in you say in your mind, “so.”

And as you breathe out you say in your mind, ”hum.”

Let each sound become long, gentle and flowing like your breath.

And anytime your attention wanders, just gently bring it back to your breath and “so… hum.”


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, please share with me in the private Lightfilled Parenting circle here


Belinda Connelly

Parenting Mentor

B. Ed Early Childhood

Certified Lightworker Practitioner


PS we look at ways to infuse presence and mindfulness into everyday life in my group mentoring program.