This is what I call the new generation of children coming through.

These children tend to be more sensitive, strong willed, intuitive, and empathic than appeared in the past.

For generations upon generations, society has conditioned us to numb, hide, cover up our feelings and disconnect from a very young age.

Now, a generation of mothers are asking questions, making different choices and holding space for their children to shine rather than molding them to fit in.

We can see that the old paradigms are no longer working and are ready to break them down and forge a new way of being: a way that is filled with connection, joy, trusting our intuition, and following our hearts.

Our lightfilled children don’t fit into the mold of authoritarian parenting we may have grown up with (either in our homes, school or community).

They challenge us to grow, evolve, heal ourselves, step up and take responsibility for our own “stuff” rather than passing negative patterns down the family.

These children are here to help heal the Earth and lift the vibration.

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Belinda Connelly

Parenting Mentor

B. Ed Early Childhood

Certified Lightworker Practitioner

PS we talk a lot more about parenting lightfilled children in my group mentoring program.