When you’re feeling flat and can’t seem to shake it…

When you’re feeling low, despondent, down.

Everything suddenly seems way too hard.

And you’re asking yourself, “what is the point?”

Take a moment to remind yourself: everything is energy.

When you’re feeling this way, it’s normally because you have underlying feelings causing energetic blocks in your emotional body that need to be released.

Like attracts like. So if you’re in a low vibe space, more of that will be attracted to you like a magnet: people, places, experiences that align and match your energetic state.

How can you shift your energetic state?

:: thoughts

:: words

:: actions

:: movement

:: creativity

:: high vibe tools such as essential oils

It’s important to remember that we need to do the emotional work to shift the underlying issue as well.

Vibrational tools like essential oils won’t do the work for us. Essential oils help to lift our vibration back up to its highest state, as this happens, lower vibrations (such as suppressed anger/ sadness/ guilt) come up to be released. When we allow this release, emotional healing can happen.

Essential oils support us in creating the conditions we need to release stagnant emotions and heal.

I use Frankincense oil to connect to Spirit and raise my vibration.

I use Purify (a blend of lemon, lime, citronella, pine and tea tree) to clear my energy, combat feelings of being stuck/ powerless and support me in feeling refreshed, light and free.

How can you release the underlying emotions?

You have all the answers within yourself!

Spend some time meditating and/ or journaling, simply sitting still and listening, being with your feelings and seeing what thoughts/ questions/ memories arise.

Sometimes nothing comes and that’s ok.



Be patient.


Tune in to your intuition and listen to what you need in this moment.

:: Maybe gentle movement like yoga.

:: Creativity like clay or watercolours.

:: Immersing in water: the sea or a bath

All of these can help, depending on what resonates or feels best for you.

Be gentle and nurture yourself, like you would your own children.

And in next to no time, you’ll be back to your normal self, dreaming even bigger and shining even brighter than before.

I’d love to hear your experiences with this, please share with me in the private Lightfilled Parenting circle here


Belinda Connelly

Parenting Mentor

B. Ed Early Childhood

Certified Lightworker Practitioner


PS we can dive right into shadow work, releasing emotions and raising your vibration in my private Clarity Consults.