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On a scale of 1 – 10, how much do you value your child’s wellbeing?

I’ll bet you rate it pretty highly. In fact, it’s probably where your mind drifts off to unconsciously throughout the day, it might be where your mind settles before you fall asleep and it might even be the first thing there when you wake up.

You’re a loving,  passionate mother who wants the best for her children.

Let me take you on a 7 week journey.

Start looking through the windows of your child’s  SOUL so you can get a  clear picture of their wellbeing and how you can guide them in remaining connected to their true self, SHINING and RADIANT.

Welcome magical mama! 

You are going to love this.

Our children come to us from the stars, from Spirit. They are Bergkristall isoliert auf weiem Hintergrundstill very connected to that ethereal place. Earth and navigating this very physical plane is all a big new adventure to them. For the first seven years children are just getting to know their physical bodies and grounding to the Earth. These are the most important years.

All the time and effort you’re putting in now is building the foundation that will set your child up for a bountiful and beautiful life.

Until the age of 7, everything is seen through the ‘lens’ of the Base chakra so children are learning about:





Children respond best to tools and techniques which I call “Earth Magic” because they are grounded and practical, yet magical and beautiful too.

Chakras concept. Silhouette in lotus position over gray ornate m

The chakras are like windows to your child’s soul.

Each one gives different insights for what is going on for your child on an energetic level. Through the Earth Magic course we learn about each “soul window” (chakra) and what kinds of behaviours/ signs/ symptoms you might see when a chakra is blocked/ unbalanced/ depleted.

We will use the Earth Magic tools to help your child ground deeply into each chakra.

When the chakra system is flowing, clear and aligned…

  • Your child will be GROUNDED and deeply connected to EARTH
  • Your child will feel a deeper TRUST in the world
  • Your child will be releasing their EMOTIONS in a healthy way
  • Your child will be expressing their CREATIVITY
  • Your child will have a strong sense of  SELF  WORTH
  • Your child will be COMPASSIONATE
  • Your child will SPEAK their TRUTH
  • Your child will SEE the TRUTH of situations and relationships
  • Your child will be CLEAR and connected to  SPIRIT
  • Your child will remain connected to their TRUE SELF and INNER GUIDING STAR

And they will shine.

Once you start practicing the Earth Magic tools that you will learn on this course you will get to the point where you “just know” and are able to pinpoint exactly what is going on for your child energetically.

For example, your child is acting out at school.

You will learn that is a self worth issue = Solar Plexus chakra.

Your Earth Magic tools for the Solar Plexus chakra will instantly spring to mind and you will know you can shift the energy and return your child to their radiant self using specific tools like CRYSTALS, ELEMENTS, COLOUR, SPIRIT ANIMALS, ESSENTIAL OILS. 

You will learn how to use these tools specifically for each chakra.

Imagine how EMPOWERED you will feel as an intuitive mama, giving these gifts to your children.


What does the course cover?

There are 7  beautifully crafted modules based on the rainbow chakras. We will look at the chakras as they relate to the Base. The Base chakra resonates with:






So you will find this is a practical ‘doing’ type course, not just a passive learning type course. We’ll begin with introducing what the chakras actually are and how they work and talk about why the Base is the most relevant chakra for your child aged 0-7.

Each week we will look at a little bit of theory about the focus chakra such as what aspects it governs within the body and which signs and symptoms to look out for in recognising it’s energy blocks.

Then we’ll dive in to the practical side. Each week we’ll look at grounding, balancing and clearing your child’s energy system using Earth Magic tools such as:






You will be encouraged to try the simple and engaging experiences at home.

raw and cut citrines isolated on white background

By the end of the course you will have…

  •  magically cleared your child’s chakra system
  • the ability to pinpoint exactly what is going on for your child energetically and shift it
  • a new sense of empowerment as an intuitive mama
  • LOTS of new tools up your sleeve!

 What will you receive?

This is an online course so you will receive the modules via email and they will also be available for your reference at any time on the membership site.  

There are 7 beautifully crafted modules based on the rainbow chakras.

Each week you will receive: 

  • Access to a members-only Facebook group to share, ask questions and receive lots of support and accountability to implement the materials
  • weekly ‘workshop’ Audio Recording


  • weekly eGuide


  • weekly Earth Magic meditation for your children (and you! Other Mums have used these to joyfully clear and energise their own chakras too!) These are based on the chakra qualities, colour and spirit animal alchemy


Alchemy - Four Elements

An abundance of BONUS material !!!!

+ a checklist to give you an overview of your child’s chakra system


+ a meditation to guide you through the process of energetically clearing your child’s chakras + eGuide


+ mini vibrational healing ‘workshop’ (audio + eGuide)

+ mini visualisation ‘workshop’ (audio + eGuide)

+ magical space clearing ritual (audio + eGuide)


+ an extra module on the Ear chakra which is important for our Clairaudience or spiritual hearing


“but I’m a busy Mum, will I have time to take a course like this?”

I totally get that – I am a busy Mum too and I have designed this course with you in mind. You will have lifetime access to this course so there is no hurry. You can listen to the audio components on your iPhone, iPad or computer whenever it is convenient for you.  While you’re doing laundry, watching your kid’s karate class or taking the dog for a walk! You can implement one thing at a time and still see enormous results!

When does the course begin?

under the big, full, magical Moon ~ May 11, 2017

Why learn from me?

design-12There are many sites specialising in Spirituality and many specialising in Parenting … but my speciality is to combine the two.

Not only am I am certified Lightworker Practicioner but I am also an Early Childhood Teacher with more than 15 years experience working with many children and their families. AND I’m a busy Mum, just like you!


So, are you REALLY ready to invest in your child’s wellbeing?

To build strong foundations today so your child can shine and share their true radiant self with the world of tomorrow?

Say YES today.

If you were to go through the material in this eCourse with me 1:1 it would take 10 sessions to go through the modules and bonuses. 10 sessions x $97 = $970!

Through this group online program, you get all the benefits of connection and support AND a low price of just $97.

There is also a payment plan option to make certain money is no obstacle as I want all mums to have access to these tools.

Are you ready?

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