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The current investment is $35/ month.

Are you ready to step into a more aligned and connected way of being as a mother?

In this sacred space we explore why your child

🔎 cries

🔎 tantrums

🔎 hits

🔎 bites

🔎 won’t listen

🔎 is uncooperative

🔎 has trouble falling or staying asleep…

so that you can respond with more understanding, calm and compassion.

✔️ We explore strategies to help manage these behaviours.

✔️ We work towards creating a deep sense of balance and alignment between your actions and true values as a mother.

✔️ We explore processes to use when you’re feeling triggered, impatient or overeacting in certain situations with your children.

✔️ We explore the possibility of making friends with your child’s feelings and hold space for anger, tears and tantrums.

✔️ We learn to set limits with warmth and love (this is the golden key in finding balance between authoritarian and permissive parenting).

As a member of this Circle, you will be deeply supported on your journey and there are lots of resources available to you.

What you will receive as a member:

✔️ weekly mentoring (via our private Facebook haven through text and livestream) for those times you need information, ideas or starategies for whatever challenges and scenarios are coming up for your and your children. Because of the intimate group size your questions and struggles will never ‘slip through cracks’ or go unanswered. This is a great solution for those who would like some 1:1 parent coaching but struggles to find the money or time.

✔️ a support team of like minded women (the other members) who will hold space for you when you’re needing someone to talk to, some understanding or encouragement. This is a space where you can share and be held in a supportive, conscious circle by myself and the other mothers like you for those days when you need someone to talk to, some understanding or encouragement.

✔️ 50% off any private consult you book during your membership, meaning just $45 for 45 minutes (this is currently the ONLY way to get hold of my limited 1:1 spaces)

✔️ access to all of my eCourses and digital resources, including the following:


Create my Dream Christmas workbook + audio

Coming Soon: December 18th

🎄get clear on exactly what kind of Christmas you actually want and how you can bring this into reality!

🎄 tips on how we can give our children a sense of security when routines are thrown out by late nights, visitors, different foods etc

🎄 understanding how family celebrations can re-expose the childhood wounds you’ve learnt to cover up and what you can do in these situations instead of overreacting

🎄 understanding why we as mothers often suffer from a misguided sense of obligation and duty and how to break free of these patterns for more JOY


Magical Moon Journalling

Available Now!

The New Moon in Sagittarius ♐️  December 7th, is potent for intention setting, but you can join in at any time!

I’ll be guiding you through a transformative journaling practice, based on the phases of the moon to foster your own reflection, growth and healing.

This is an opportunity for mothers at all stages of their journey to nurture yourself within. This is medicine for your soul, guiding you to reconnect with nature’s cycles and the phases of the moon.

Within our private Facebook group you’ll receive:

🌕 support with setting an intention or word on each New Moon to be your guiding compass for your choices and actions the following month.

🌕 information about the moon phases twice per week, including journaling prompts and information about how these phases are likely to effect your family

🌕 resources and support to help you dig deeper and process your emotions

Its very simple and ‘busy-mama’ friendly, you will just need to set aside 15 minutes/ twice per week


Lightfilled Mama eCourse: videos, audios + eBooklets

Available Now!

Learn to nurture and nourish yourself, raise your vibration and come back into alignment with your true values, SOUL SELF and loving nature so that you have more to give to your children.

Including my sunlight chakra clearing meditation and healing heart singing bowls meditation for you to download and keep. There’s videos, audios and ebooklets on finding ways to fill your own cup, understanding energy, chakras, crystals, essential oils, the elements, alchemy recipes to try at home plus meditation tips and techniques to use in ten minutes or less.


Coming Home… to the unconditional love that you ARE 💛

4 part video and meditation series

Available Now!

This course is designed to follow on and take you deeper than the Lightfilled Mama eCourse. It’s about tuning back in to the subtle sounds of your intuition, through your chakras and psychic senses so that you can listen to your own feelings and needs and reconnect with your true loving nature. Over 4 weeks, we’ll awaken and activate your 4 inner superpowers so that you can come home to the unconditional love that you are!


The Sleepytime Solution eCourse 💤 videos, audios and eBooklet

Available Now!

This eCourse is designed to take you from struggling to solid sleep… it IS possible to meet your child’s needs for closeness and connection AND get a good nights sleep for yourself too! I want you to know that you don’t have to do sleep training or controlled crying and you don’t have to compromise your values to ‘teach’ your child to sleep.


Break Unconscious Patterns

Workbook + Audio

Available Now!

Do you find that in moments of stress you resort to unconscious patterns such as eating, using your phone, or something else?

Did you know that most of us are unconsciously passing these patterns and ways of responding  on to our children?

Would you like to change that??? Then this is the course for you!


Tame the Tiger eCourse🐅

Coming Soon: 22nd January

Did you know that underneath most aggressive type behaviours are almost always painful unreleased feelings?

So, the more we can recognise aggressive behaviours as ‘signals’ and encourage our children to release their feelings in our loving, connected presence (through tears, talking, laughter etc) the less anger and aggression we’ll see.


Addiction free kids eCourse

Coming soon: 8th January

The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, the opposite of addiction is connection.” Johann HarI

In or fast paced world of screens and fast food do you worry about your children becoming addicted, perhaps to screens or sweets, and where this could lead to in later life?

The strategies and theories in this course are preventative measures to help avoid addictions in later life.

What I’ve learnt about addiction is that it’s NOT our job as parents to prevent our children from ever coming into contact with drugs (or sweets or screens etc)

It IS our job to ensure our children are connected enough (to themselves, and to us) to make healthy choices.

Spending time with them, showing interest in their interests, listening to their feelings, respecting their bodies, allowing them to voice their opinions, accepting that sometimes (or a lot!) their answer might be ‘no!’, 

When we respond to our children’s feelings in a way that makes them feel welcomed it creates a sense of connection and they are able to express and release them.

When we don’t respond in a way that makes them feel welcomed (such as distracting, punishing, judging, shaming) the feelings are pushed down. This creates a sense of disconnection and disowning of those parts.  And we tend to cover the feelings up with certain repetitive actions such as: eating, drinking, screens, food, movement, sweets, dummy, bottle, breast feeding, nail biting, hair twisting.

We explore setting limits with children’s ‘attachments’ or ‘addictions’ and holding space for the underlying feelings.

We explore our own part in the addiction and how to clear our own feelings first so we can clearly and confidently hold space for our children.


Children’s Spirit Stories

Avaialble Now!

A series of 7 children’s Australian Animal Spirit Stories – each one based on chakra qualities, colour, elemental and spirit animal magic. These are short, meditative stories followed by relaxing music, making these perfect for helping your little one to calm and relax for bedtime.

I’ve created this online Mothers’ Circle so that I can offer you a deeply nurturing space where you can be lovingly listened to and supported to work through your individual challenges.

Creating change can be challenging and what I’ve found is that we don’t just need the information. We are in an age of information overload.

What we need is more SUPPORT in implementing that information.

You get hand holding through the tricky bits. You will be deeply immersed in personalised, practical and compassionate advice to help you move forward.

This is an unrushed and spacious program that allows you to bring up what’s important to YOU, time for you to practice what you’ve learnt at home, ask questions, get feedback and share your challenges.

If you have a challenging week, you won’t get left behind feeling over whelmed and defeated.

This is for you, the busy mother who wants to create change, but just keeps finding herself back in the same old place.

Words from happy mamas after working with me:

“I have been completely blown away by the insight and content available within this circle! It has assisted me on a journey to become a more centred and wiser version of me 💛 and with the tools and mentoring available, helped me to be the conscious and connected parent my children needed.
Belinda’s support, guidance and wisdom has been so important to help me move through some of my most confronting inner child blockages, as well as most challenges parenting situations and I am able to now see the connection between them.
It has not only helped bring so much more awareness into my world, it has given me the biggest and most precious gift I could ask, and that is to have a deeper, empathetic bond with my children”
Delaney constantinou, victoria, australia
Untitled design (4)
“There is something about Belinda that draws you in. Her loving and gentle words along with her beautifully crafted resources had me committed as soon as I started her program (even though I signed up telling myself I didn’t have time for it!). I could feel each resource  healing myself and also drawing my awareness far more to my children’s wellbeing.”
Heidi Hosking, Queensland, Australia
Untitled design (3)
“I’d never actually examined my emotional responseto my daughter’s disobedience before. I found it very beneficial and liberating to become conscious of this! Working with belinda made a big difference to how I was able to relate to my daughter.  My mood feels lifted, I feel calmer, clearer more and emotionally empowered.
I read and hear of so many personal development things that would benefit me as a mother but with a busy, young child I struggle to take action on them. The resources in this program were perfect in length, allowing me to take bite-sized chunks of action. And action creates CHANGE.
I am getting amazing results from program. Such a blessing!”
Lea Montague, Queenland, Australia

This intimate and sacred Circle, is housed within a super supportive and loving Facebook group, where all of the resources are ready and waiting for you and can be accessed directly from the group.

It is there for you to write whenever is convenient for you, anytime you need some love, help with solving a problem, ideas or strategies.

Our private circle for mothers is filled with empathy, support and encouragement to be the mother you want to be!

Enrolments opening soon! Sign Up to be notified.

The current investment is $35/ month. This price is yours for the duration of your membership. However, if you decide to leave at any time, you will re-enter on whatever current price is offered for this program.

There is no lock in contract and you can cancel whenever you like!5CB8404A-E07E-4E5C-B8CB-F34495853074


What happens after I join?

You’ll receive an immediate email with a link to the private facebook group where the online Mothers Circle takes place.

What age group of children is this aimed at?

The program is aimed at mothers with children aged 1-8.

What if I’m not comfortable with my children crying or expressing anger?

Throughout this program I will encourage you to accept all emotions and help your children heal through empathetic listening to crying, play, laughter and talking. I will teach you how to hold a loving space for all of their emotions and how to process your own thoughts and feelings around this. If you are not willing for your children to cry or express anger, this may not be the program for you.

How long does the program go for?

This is an ongoing membership, you can stay as long or as little as you choose!

What is your cancellation policy?

You are free to cancel your membership at any time.

Any other questions?

I’d love to hear from you! Please contact me below