Do you want to build the foundations for a healthy, loving and connected relationship now and into the future?

AND raise your child to be truly connected to their ‘soul self’ as well?


There are lots of things that can block this from happening…


The Connection Seeker’s challenge is a mini eCourse that will help you feel super calm and confident in  swapping your child’s misbehaviours for the connection you crave, whilst also helping your child to remain connected to their true soul self.


and the best part? It will only take 21 days, a little bit of work, and a lot of consistency to reap a life time of benefits.


The Connection Seeker’s challenge is a simple and easy to complete mini eCourse delivered straight to your inbox via 2 ten minute audios and 9 emails over 21 days.

You will get CURIOUS about your child’s “misbehaviours” or what I like to call “challenging behaviours”. Such as:

Connection (3)

You will become AWARE that these challenging behaviours act as signals of something deeper going on for your child.

You will DISCOVER how more connection can work to magically melt away your child’s misbehaviours!

You will be supported to IMPLEMENT this at home by connecting 1:1 with your kids on a regular basis. Whether that is daily or weekly, you will get to see for yourself how  this practice will magically melt away the challenging behaviours you might be experiencing with your kids.

You will receive GUIDANCE through the most common sticking points.

And ACCOUNTABILITY to commit to something that will bring lasting benefits to your family.

And over 21 days, you will have formed new habits and beliefs that create your new NORMAL:


Connection is the “tool” that I find myself referring to OVER and OVER again when parents are having behavioural issues with their kids. This is the golden key.

Here’s the thing-

We all spend time on parenting. We either spend time investing into it or we spend time repairing it later.

It’s your choice.

Do you want to be proactive or reactive?

Do you want to spend time meeting your child’s needs for connection?


Will you spend time dealing with the challenging behaviours caused by their unmet needs later?

Either way, we spend time.



As a welcome gift to all my new clients I’m offering a 90% discount!

Are you in?