Lightfilled Parenting fb circle

A place for you to connect and share authentically about all things related to parenting our sensitive/ intuitive/ empathic/ strong willed children. There’s a big, warm welcome waiting for you!


A quick and easy mindfulness tool for busy mothers

The truth is if we can’t be present with ourselves, we can’t be present with our children. Try this!



Creating calm when triggered by your children

When you feel triggered by your child’s behaviour it normally means that a part of YOU is needing to heal and your child’s behaviour is poking at that subconscious wound. Try this exercise for more calm and clarity.



Fill your child’s ‘connection cup’ – a challenge!

Let me let you in on perhaps the most simple yet effective parenting tool I’ve found so far that will help to magically melt away: agitation, frustration, anger, aggression, biting, clingyness + more!


Holding Space for young children + 5 key phrases to use

Holding space for our children means that we are allowing them to express themselves without reservation. We are not there to fix or advise, our role in holding space is to listen. This definitely takes practice! Here’s 5 key phrases to use in the heat of the moment.