Feeling overwhelmed by your child’s big emotions?


Do you work hard to ‘do all the right things’ yet the days still seem to wind up in chaos, frustration and overwhelm (for you and your child!) more often than not?


Hands of mother and daughter

The way you and I were raised is not working so well for your beautiful, sensitive child, right?


They might be sensitive to:

>>>>> textures (that tag on their pants or the sheets being too ‘crumpled’)

>>>>> tastes (they are very particular *ahem – fussy* with what they will and won’t eat)

>>>>> light (fluorescent or bright sun hurts their eyes)

>>>>> sound (do they run away screaming or crying when you turn on the vacuum or blender?)

>>>> feelings/ people (hello meltdowns after school or trips to the grocery store!)

You don’t want the days to wind up like a circus; chaos, frustration and shouting when you’ve worked so hard to ‘do all the right things.’

And then the guilt sets in. Oh. My. God. The guilt.

Here’s the clear truth. 

You’re an amazing mama and you’re not doing anything wrong. 

Girl is practicing yoga


It’s just that these sensitive children tend to take on more external stressors from the people and environment around them.

Your child feels everything so deeply and doesn’t know how to process all that they’re taking in.

Feelings are meant to be fluid. We feel them and then they are supposed to flow through the body to be released.

When feelings are not released in healthy ways, they get trapped within the energetic body, stagnating like murky water, and attracting imbalances that will show up as “challenging behaviours.”

Sound familiar?


Untitled design (2)


Without releasing the underlying emotions in a healthy way, the same energetic imbalances (challenging behaviours) will be attracted, over and over again.


How would it feel, knowing how to help your child through their big emotions with more clarity, calm and connection?


Wouldn’t it be nice to replace those challenging behaviours with more:



Why learn from me?


Hi, I’m Belinda – Intuitive Parenting MentorDesign



:: First hand knowledge and experience from my professional teaching career of over 15 years working with Preschoolers

:: Life changing tools and insights gained as a certified Lightworker Practictioner

:: Moving from disconnected to DEEPLY CONNECTED in mothering my own two sensitive little boys using Aletha Solter’s Aware Parenting philosophy (including attachment style parenting, non punitive discipline and healing from stress/ emotions)

I’ve put together this supportive online program merging energetics and emotions to bring you greater clarity, connection and calm in understanding your sensitive child’s big emotions.


It’s time to acknowledge a new way of parenting our sensitive children with respect and compassion.

It’s going to take a conscious choice and some changes to how you do things…

… but you’re not alone.

This is where we reprogram the parenting paradigm to suit YOU and YOUR children. Remember how Cinderella’s fairy godmother helped her get ready for the ball?

Well, that’s me.

I’m going to help you transform this parenting thing into something that feels authentic and true FOR YOU.

I’m here to empower you on YOUR journey.


How is this program delivered?

This is an eleven week nurturing and connected online program.

Week 1

+ After signing up you’ll receive an Introductory Questionnaire (via email) to help me understand your current situation and give you the personalised help you need RIGHT NOW.

+ You’ll be welcomed straight into a deeply nurturing, online mother’s group (via Facebook).  This is a space where you will share and be held in a supportive, conscious circle by myself and the other mothers like you. You will continue to have access to the group (and my personal mentoring) for as long as you like after course completion! I spend time in the community everyday answering questions and supporting mothers, just like you, to overcome their blocks and see authentic transformations as a result. You will receive individual support with your own personal questions, challenges and scenarios.


q9+ You’ll open your Chakra Magic kit: an introduction to using visualisation and vibrational healing with your children + MP3 guide to clearing your child’s chakras



report_906x714 (2)+ You’ll check out your printable Essential Oil and Crystal toolkit





ezinelayingcurvy_778x526 (7)

+ You’ll use the Chakra Checklist to identify where your child has blocks in their energetic body



Week 2

9l+ You’ll be guided through Creating Calm – a powerful 7 day process to help you work through your own triggers so that you can hold a calm and centered space for your children to process their own big emotions




Week 3 -10

ab+ You’ll work through the rainbow chakras, guiding you to find out what is really going on for your child underneath their challenging behaviours. You’ll learn how to raise your child’s vibration and get the energy flowing as it should using crystals, essential oils, colour, the elements and spirit animals.

+ Through the beautifully crafted modules you’ll receive weekly eGuides and childrens’ MP3 meditations (which other mums have joyfully used to clear their own chakras too!)




Week 11

+ We’ll wrap things up with a Final Consultation (via email) to make sure you have everything you need and are on track with your parenting goals!




I’m a busy Mum, will I have time to fit this in?

I totally get that – I am a busy Mum too and I have designed this program with you in mind.  You can listen to the audio components on your iPhone, iPad or computer whenever it is convenient for you. While you’re doing laundry, watching your kid’s karate class or taking the dog for a walk! Everything is broken down into easily digestible (in the time it takes to drink a cup of tea) chunks. You can implement one thing at a time and still see enormous results! What you will take away from this program will actually give you more gifts and more time to share with your beautiful children.

How long does the program go for?

The program runs for eleven weeks. For those who want to dive straight in, you will receive instant access to the online resource library. To avoid overwhelm, you will also conveniently receive the materials in bite sized daily or weekly emails. Once you’re in, you’re in for life! You can revisit the modules and resources whenever you like and will have ongoing access to any upgrades.

My husband/ kids aren’t into ‘woo’… will this still work?

Absolutely! My approach will give you information and tools you can share with your ‘non woo’ husband in no-nonsense, down to earth terms while being fun and easy to implement with your kids.


Say YES to greater clarity, connection and calm with your children. Join now!


If you were to go through the material in the resource library with me 1:1 it would take at least 11 sessions.

11 sessions x $90 = $990!


Your investment?


Through this supportive online program you get all the benefits of connection and support AND a low price of just $99.


No more looking on helplessly. 


No more tearing your hair out.

Let’s start working through the disconnection, confusion and challenging behaviours TODAY.


Doors will close Wednesday 27th September at 9pm AEST at the low (and never to be repeated) price of $99


Get lifetime access now.