Are you looking for some support with your parenting?


It’s my passion to support you on this journey!

Here are my current offerings:


Lightfilled Parenting Circle 

When I’m not creating new content or serving my clients, I provide free content & support in the Lightfilled Parenting Circle.

It’s a place for you to connect and share with a global community of mothers about all things related to parenting our sensitive/ intuitive/ empathic/ strong willed children. Enjoy the content, or post a question for me to answer in a comment or future video. There’s a big, warm welcome waiting for you!



Connection Seeker’s 21 day Challenge

Connection is the “tool” that I find myself referring to OVER and OVER again when parents are having behavioural and emotional issues with their kids. This is the golden key.

Through this mini eCourse you’ll learn to navigate your child’s misbehaviours with more calm and connection.



Lightfilled Parenting Group Mentorship 

I’ve created this mentorship so that I can offer you and your family support in an ongoing way that is convenient, easy and affordable.

There’s lots of hand holding through the tricky bits and simple, practical advice. You will walk away with more confidence to navigate motherhood with calm, connection and consciousness.

This is a group program where you get the support of myself as well as an intimate circle of like minded mothers and you get to learn and grow in synergy together.



Lightfilled Parenting Private Clarity Consult

This is a ‘consult’ with a difference! It allows you to get personalised and deep 1:1 support with me for 7 days.

We will pinpoint the underlying issues and we will create a practical ‘tool box’ for you to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.