I LOVE working with mothers who want to move away from authoritarian parenting styles… yet they find permissive parenting is not working either.


I LOVE guiding mothers towards a more balanced, conscious and connected style of parenting.


My approach is based on the principle that emotions need to be released from the body and when they aren’t, they accumulate under the surface.

In our society we tend to distract our children (and ourselves!) from our feelings a lot of the time.

These feelings bubble away under the surface and contribute to all kinds of challenging behaviours such as:

Connection (3)

Would you like a set of tools to help you confidently navigate these?


The tools I share about include:

~ Using play to navigate challenging behaviours

~ Setting limits with warmth and love

~ Compassionate listening to a full range of feelings

~ Recognising challenging behaviours as messengers of something going on below the surface

~ Creating emotional safety through connection

 I love working with mothers who are ready to grow and heal themselves, because I believe when we are willing to look within, that’s when parenting really transforms!

The tools I share about on this topic include:

~ Light work: nourishing and resourcing ourselves to return to our true high vibrational nature of love. Energy, Chakras, Self Care, Moon cycle, Meditation, Mindfulness, Crystals, Essential Oils.

~ Shadow work: taking responsibility for our reactions and triggers, inner child work, releasing emotions in healthy ways, breaking unhealthy patterns


You can start learning about these tools for free here on my Facebook page.


Or, if you’re ready for deeper support, take a look at how we can work together:



I’ve created this Circle so that I can offer you support that is convenient and affordable and mirrors my 1:1 work as closely as possible.

This is an online, group program so you can join in from anywhere in the world and get the support of myself as well as an intimate circle of like minded mothers and you get to learn and grow in synergy together.

Creating change can be challenging and what I’ve found is that we don’t just need the information. We are in an age of information overload.

What we need is more SUPPORT in implementing that information.

So, while you get access to my library of resources you also get hand holding through the tricky bits. You will be deeply immersed in personalised, practical and compassionate advice to help you move forward for twelve weeks!



1:1 Consult

Consults are 45 minutes via Skype, so that you can get support from anywhere in the world.

We will pinpoint the underlying issues and give you practical tools/ strategies to take forward into your day to day parenting so that you feel very confident and clear on your next steps and aligned to your true values as a mother.