A series of 7 children’s Australian Animal Spirit Stories – each one based on  chakra qualities, colour, elemental and spirit animal magic.

Short, meditative story followed by relaxing music, making these perfect for helping your little one to calm and relax for bedtime.


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Base Chakra – Wombat

Experience being close to the Earth, safe and comfortable in your burrow.

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Sacral Chakra – Dolphin

Experience the feeling of dancing through the water with joy and delight.

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Solar Plexus Chakra – Red Kangaroo 

Experience the power and confidence of bounding through the bush in the golden sunlight.

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Heart Chakra – Rainbow bird

Experience kindness and joy in your heart while flying through the air.

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Throat Chakra – Whale

Experience your voice, clear and true, sending ripples through the ocean water for miles around.

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Third Eye Chakra – Firefly 

Experience the light within and seeing your path clearly illuminated.

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Crown Chakra – Black Cockatoo

Experience your inner magic and connection to the Universe as you soar through the sky.